Filter out process instances that are listed as 'Active with Errors' status


I am trying to create a portal process report where I need to filter out process instances that are listed as 'Active with Errors' status in the Monitoring page of designer.

For testing purpose I have a process model with 4 active instances. All these instances had an error-ed out script task each. I had fixed 3 instances and resumed them.
Now if I search for the instances of this model in the Monitoring page - I am getting all the 4 instances (Active) and 1 of them is with status 'Active with Errors'.

So ultimately as per my need - if I filter process instances with 'Active with Errors' status here, I will be ended up with only one instance as result.

But in my portal report I am not getting this expected result of 1 instance which is 'Active with errors'. Instead, I get all the 4 active instances.
I am using the below filters :
- Process model name as *<PMName>*
- Status in 0,4 (Active, Paused by Exception)
- Active tasks = 0 (I have created a column named active tasks and mapped the 'num_active_tasks' process metrics to it). This is used to filter active instances without any active tasks which indirectly gives us any instance with error-ed out node)

Kindly provide your assistance on this.
Thanks in advance :)

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