Update Value on a website


I am trying to update value of <input> element on a website. 

Using Browser > Interact with Element > Update Value

The selection method is by ID

I can see that the robot selects the input because it is marked as highlighted but does not update the value. 

One detail the values have already values inside them. 

Any idea for a workaround ? 

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  • I had a problem when trying to set date in a calendar field on a webpage. Sometimes it would work OK, sometimes value would be entered and erased when I changed focus to another field and sometimes the value would not be entered at all.

    Finally I solved it in a unsafe way which I don't like very much.

    After setting the value I had another action to retrieve value of the field I tried to set and finally I have decision action in which I check if the value of the field is equal to the value I tried to set in the field. If true, I'd go forward with the workflow, and if false I'd go back to the action that tried to set the value of the field.

    This solution works and usually it takes only one loop iteration (going back to set action) to set the value.

    I used this workaround also when trying to click buttons on some alerts and it works (not in one iteration, but eventually it works).

    I haven't found waiting after action for a few seconds (even 10 or more) and before performing next action to be helpful...

  • Here is the workaround

    1. Using Browser > Interact with Element > Double Click on an element

    2. Using Keyboard > type text