Tried to add a document image for a billboard


I am trying to simply display a document image as a billboard. I have added the document and created the constant but when I try to call the constant inside the document image I get an error:

Could not display interface. Please check definition and inputs. Interface Definition: Expression evaluation error at function a!documentImage [line 3]: Could not cast from DocumentImage to Document. Details: CastInvalidCould not cast from DocumentImage to Document. Details: CastInvalid

here is the code we are using:

backgroundMedia: a!documentImage(
document: a!documentImage( document: cons!G6EGAF_KPMG_HOWYOUGROW1)
backgroundColor: "#f0f0f0",
overlay: a!barOverlay(
contents: {}

the image is a JPG because that is what appian likes. I am out of ideas. Please help

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