Transferring data from a process model back to a calling interface

Hi all,

I have an interface with a button that calls a process model like this:

label: "Import from CSV",
icon: "commenting-o",
style: "NORMAL",
saveInto: {
processModel: cons!MY_PROCESS_MODEL,
processParameters: {},
onSuccess: {},
onError: {}

The purpose of this button and associated process model, is to load a csv file from the user. This data in this CSV file is then to be used to populate the fields in the calling interface.

My question:

how do I retrieve the process variable's in the process model identified by cons!MY_PROCESS_MODEL so that I can then set the values of other variables in my calling form?  I presume the code to do so would go into the "onSuccess" parameter, but I don't know how to reference them inside the process model...

any help much appreciated.


David :-)

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