Going Mobile
on Appian

UI Design and
Best Practices


Integrating and
Extending Appian

System Administration,
Operations, and Monitoring

Appian Cloud

Review Your
Application Architecture

Appian Solution

Complete Automation

  • Discuss how Appian can bring together humans, robots, and AI to automate any business process
  • Learn how AI-powered document extraction can save time and improve accuracy
  • Share your automation experiences and get recommendations from our product team

Low-code Data

  • Learn how to use Records to build your data-centric applications and reporting dashboards faster
  • Get recommendations on how to start incorporating the new Record features into your apps
  • Discuss how Record sync can address your query performance issues

Going Mobile on Appian

  • Discuss how Appian's mobile usage has exploded in the past year as our product has matured
  • Hear about how customers have discovered they can develop great mobile apps without investing in mobile developers or build infrastructure
  • Learn about what's coming and get your questions answered about mobile development in Appian

UI Design and Best Practices

  • Share your user experience needs
  • Receive expert guidance on how to use the latest capabilities to achieve your vision
  • Need advice on a new UI you want to build? Bring along your mockups for a consultation

Application DevSecOps

  • Learn how Appian supports DevSecOps to build, test, and deploy your applications faster
  • Share your development and deployment experiences and get recommendations from our product team
  • Explore new health and monitoring features to diagnose potential design and performance issues

Integrating and Extending Appian

  • Connect Appian to your enterprise systems and SaaS services
  • Using the Integration SDK to extend Appian's UI
  • Using the Integration SDK to extend Appian's data integration capabilities

System Administration, Operations, and Monitoring

  • Recommendations for self-hosted installation and maintenance best practices
  • Understanding the health and performance of the system in Cloud and on-premises
  • Scaling the architecture and the benefits of the high availability configuration
  • Discuss your needs and Appian’s support for container-based deployments

Appian Cloud Operations

  • Learn more about how Appian manages the Appian Cloud infrastructure
  • Share your experience running low-code apps in Appian Cloud
  • Leverage new infrastructure improvements to maximize the value from Appian Cloud

Review Your Application Architecture with a Customer Success Architect

  • Discuss your unique architectural challenges
  • Learn how to incorporate the latest technologies and product features in your architecture
  • Learn how to build for performance and scalability
  • Learn how to build an application that's easy to maintain
  • Learn how to build for a positive user experience

Appian Solution Products

  • Appropriate for customers of solutions suites such as Workforce Safety, Government Acquisition Management, and Connected Onboarding
  • Discuss solution features, best practices for solution customization, and provide feedback to the solutions team
  • Learn about upcoming plans for new functionality for your solution