AppMarket FAQs


What is the Appian AppMarket?

Appian’s AppMarket is a marketplace where Appian and its partners display a diverse range of business applications and technical applications or extensions that have been built on Appian’s platform.

How do I find an app on the AppMarket?

Search using key terms in the Community search bar or use the filters to find what you are looking for. 


What can I find on the AppMarket?

In general, you’ll find two categories of apps on the AppMarket.  

  1. Technical apps that extend or enhance the Appian product’s functionality through reusable extensions, templates or utility applications.  
  2. Line of Business apps that showcase the power of Appian to address a specific vertical or horizontal business problem.

Technical Apps

Plug-in (Component)

An Appian product extension that can bring the power of other systems right into the Appian interface via a UI component

Plug-in (Connected System)

An Appian product extension that make it easy to integrate with enterprise systems and services

Plug-in (Function & Smart Service)

An Appian product extension to add a custom smart service to use in process models or custom function to use in expressions


Tools to facilitate Appian implementations or horizontally expand end-user capabilities

Line of Business Apps


Proof of Concepts that demonstrate the art of what’s possible with Appian


Partially built frameworks that give customers a jump start on time to value - while still allowing for customer specific requirements and configurations

How does the Industry filter align with the types?

The Industry filter and categorization on an app primarily applies to Line of Business Apps.  The vast majority of Technical Apps will be applicable to All Industries.

What does the Author - “Community Contributor” mean?

These are apps that have been submitted by a member of the Appian Community.  They are not necessarily affiliated with the company the individual works for at the time of submission.  They can also be updated by another member of the community through the submission/update process.  

What are badges?

There are three (3) badges that apps can qualify for.  

  1. Cloud Approved
    • These are apps that have demonstrated that they can be deployed to an Appian Cloud environment.  They leverage functionality that meets Appian’s Cloud deployment guidelines.
  2. Health Check Verified
    • Line of Business Apps or Utility Apps that have run the Appian Health Check and have no identified major design or configuration risks are provided the health check verified badge.
  3. Featured
    • The featured badge is provided to apps that the AppMarket would like to draw attention to and call out based on their functionality.

What about pricing?

Apps are classified as either Free* or Paid.  Many of the apps on the AppMarket are free to use with a licensed product and are available to download for Appian customers and partners. 

There are some free apps like the Appian Accelerators that are available to prospects and customers but are not immediately downloadable.

The cost of apps designated as Paid varies depending on the app and the author.  More information on the cost model for these apps can be obtained from the author via a demo and/or follow-up.

How are Free Apps supported?

Free, downloadable apps are Community supported and should be tested thoroughly.  Free, downloadable apps are provided as-is and on a use-at-your-own-risk basis, and their functionality is not guaranteed by Appian.   You can learn more by visiting this link in our documentation about shared components (which is another term used for these free apps).  "Free - Appian Supported" Apps are an exception and are supported as part of the Appian product offering.



How do I obtain one of these apps?

If you are interested in an app, the available action presented to you will depend on the app and your user type in Community. Note if you’re not logged in, you will be requested to log in first.

Free and Downloadable Apps can be immediately obtained by users with the Customer and Partner user type.  Please click on the “Download” button to start the download.

In all other situations, you will see a “Schedule Demo” button.   Clicking on that button will send your information to the appropriate Appian representative and they will contact you shortly about your interest and the next steps.


How does liking and rating work?

You can like an app and in some cases rate an app too.  Like and rate access will be based on your Community user type and the app.  

  • To Like an app click on the Like button.  You can then click Unlike to undo your like at any time.
  • If you are able to Rate an app, on the App details page you’ll see a 5-star rating control box that allows you to select a number of stars.  Hover over the stars to select the number of stars you would like to provide to the app and click to confirm.  The rating box will display an updated average rating based on the rating you just provided.  You can change your rating at any time.


How do I submit an app to the AppMarket?

Free and paid apps of all types can be submitted through AppMarket Submissions

Email if you have any questions