Amazon Forecast Services Connected System

The Amazon Forecast Services Connected System Plug-in is part of Appcino's Amazon Services Suite. It provides easy access to Amazon Forecast Query Service to get future forecasts.

Functionality Included:

  • Forecast Query
  • Create Dataset Group
  • Create Dataset
  • Create Dataset Import Job
  • Create Predictor
  • Create Forecast
  • Update Dataset Group
  • Describe Dataset
  • Describe Dataset Group
  • Describe Dataset Import Job
  • Describe Forecast
  • Describe Predictor
  • Delete Dataset
  • Delete Dataset Group
  • Delete Dataset Import Job
  • Delete Forecast
  • Delete Predictor
  • List Datasets
  • List Dataset Groups
  • List Dataset Import Jobs
  • List Forecasts
  • List Predictor
  • Export Forecast Job
  • Describe Export Forecast Job

For more details on the Amazon Forecast Query functionality please check


  • Must have an Amazon Cloud account and Access Key with proper IAM access to Forecast Services.
  • Access Key Id: The access key id for connecting to Forecast service
  • Secret Access Key: The secret access key for connecting to Forecast service
  • Define Region: Sets the region to be used by the client.
  • Data set: The past few years dataset for predictors to analyze the future Forecast.