Amazon Rekognition Connected System

The Amazon Rekognition Connected System Plug-in is part of Appcino's Amazon Services Suite.  It provides easy access to Amazon Rekognition Services for image analysis. This service can identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities.

Functionality included:

  • Detect labels
    • Detects instances of real-world entities within an image (JPEG or PNG) provided as input.
  • Detect Text
    • Detects text in the input image and converts it into machine-readable text.

For more details on the Amazon Rekognition functionality please check information on the Amazon Rekognition Image features.


  • Must have an Amazon Cloud account and Access Key with proper IAM access to Rekognition Service.
    • Access Key Id: The access key id for connecting to the service
    • Secret Access Key: The secret access key for connecting to the service
    • Define Region: Sets the region to be used by the client. This will be used to determine both the service endpoint (e.g.: and signing region (e.g.: us-west-1) for requests.