Amazon S3


Manage AWS S3 data stores with Appian! Users can access their S3 objects directly from an Appian interface. Appian documents can be uploaded to a S3 bucket with Server-Side Encryption and be configured as Public or Private.
The AWS S3 Connected System Plug-in uses the AWS Java SDK to connect to S3.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Create Bucket -- Adds a new bucket to the S3 instance. A bucket is needed in order to store objects (files).
  • Upload File -- Uploads a file to any specified bucket on the S3 instance.
  • Upload Multiple Files -- Uploads multiple files to any specified bucket on the S3 instance.
  • List Buckets -- Returns all available buckets on the S3 instance.
  • List Objects -- Returns all available objects from a specified bucket.
  • Delete Bucket -- Permanently removes a bucket from the S3 instance.
  • Delete Object -- Permanently removes an object from a specified bucket.
  • Cognito Authentication -- Pulls credentials from AWS Cognito Identity Pool.


Access Key Id: the access key id for connecting to S3 can be retrieved from AWS Management Console Navigate to the Users > Summary page and click the “Security credentials” tab
Secret Access Key: the secret access key can only be viewed once upon the creation of an access key, see AWS Access Keys documentation for more information:


Users that want to upload objects as 'Public' must have the correct IAM privileges or an "Access Denied" error will return.

S3 endpoints which restrict traffic based on source will need to allow the IP and VPC endpoints outlined in KB-1582 based on site region.

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