• Zip File Utilities

    Contains smart services for manipulating zipped documents within Appian
    Cloud Approved,
  • Process Model Utilities

    Provides multiple utilities to manage and analyze process model settings
    Cloud Approved,
  • Appian Tabular Prediction with SageMaker Reference App

    Enhance business decision-making with tabular prediction using Amazon SageMaker
  • AI Knowledge Assistant

    The Appian AI Chatbot is an innovative UI component tailored to revolutionize user interactions within Appian platform
    Cloud Approved,
  • CDT Diff Utilities

    Contains functions to return the differences between run-time instances of a CDT
    Cloud Approved,
  • Log Reader Tool

    Allows users to read and download log files directly from Appian, including in HA environments
  • Type Transformer

    A Java library to make reading/creating complex objects and primitive Appian types within Custom Plug-Ins easier
  • HTML / XML Markup Generation Functions

    Provides Appian functions that generate HTML and XML with properly-escaped characters
    Cloud Approved,
  • AI21

    This plugin makes AI-assisted writing easily accessible for automating and enhancing text-based tasks
    Cloud Approved,
  • Process History

    Provides a function which retrieves process history information for a given process id
    Cloud Approved,
  • GMail Connected System

    Connect to a GMail account and read and send emails using it
    Cloud Approved,
  • XML Validation Functions

    Provides functions to validate XML (a snippet or file) against an XSD file
    Cloud Approved,

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