Appcino's CRM on Appian - CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Appcino’s CRM CPQ, a part of Appcino’s CRM on Appian suite, helps organizations standardize their quote generation process by configuring all aspects of complex product parameters, pricing, discounts, approvals, document generation, terms and conditions.  It increases speed, accuracy and maintains price integrity across the organization. With cross sell/up-sell capabilities and reduction in sales cycle times, it helps organizations to increase revenue. Generate an accurate quote quickly with always up to date pricing, trigger automatic approvals, create quote documents and send to your customers from any device!

The application provides functionality in the following areas:


  • Product Catalogue creation
    • Setup products and services with categories to create a product backlog. 
  • Product Bundles
    • Creation of bundles by defining product attributes, features and options.
    • Enable up-sell opportunities by configuring related products and accessories. 
    • Reduce errors for the Sales team by defining the constraints on properties such as quantity and discounts.
  • Price books
    • Configure various price books for organizations
    • Associate various prices at the product and the product bundle level.
  • Quote Documents and Email Templates
    • Generate a standard email and quote templates with capabilities of dynamic content.
  • Quote Approval
    • Configure multiple approval levels based on various parameters like deal size, gross margins and overall discounts.
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Allows to configure Terms & Conditions to be included in the quote based on various fields such as product, opportunity and account.

Quote Generation

  • Users can easily view the 360 views of all interactions, pas and current opportunity details, competitor analysis, postmortem results of previous success and failures
  • Provides the Sales team with all the information needed for the right quote generation and communication with the customer.
  • Easily search and filter products and services
  • Configure products by selecting the requested attributes, up-sell by selecting all the relevant options.
  • Define various discounts fixed or percentage of total at line item level and also adding an overall discount to the quote. The run time value displays the overall deal size to the user.
  • Submission of the quote automatically hits the relevant approvals based on the configurations.
  • Automatically generate quote documents and emails based on predefined templates and send the quote to the customer for approval.

 Appcino's CRM on Appian Suite is a 2019 AppMarket Award Winner