Appcino's CRM on Appian - Customer Service 360

Appcino's CRM Customer Service 360 module, a part of Appcino's CRM on Appian suite, helps organizations provids first-class customer experience by quickly acting on cases customers are not so happy about using powerful inbuilt sentimental analysis framework and related configuration.

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Agents have 100% visibility into information about entitlement, service level agreements, and customer satisfaction scores.  Therefore, the workforce can be managed by appropriately allocating resources based on popular channels, trending issues, and skill sets.
  • Agents can see how knowledge and solutions are being used, curate content based on usefulness and ratings, and create new content in service of trending issues.
  • Agents can see the possible Smart Actions (yes, these actions are really smart!) which can be configured and free up agents for high-value interactions
  • Agents can view on real-time what’s happening on the system to monitor the different actions such as viewing customer query, quick reply back to the customer using the recommended solution, executing smart actions - all from the same place!
  • Provides agents and the Help desk team information about the area of an organization from where they are getting maximum issues about
  • Provides insights around if there are new solutions and Smart Actions that can be configured depending on which type of customer problems are more frequent.
  • Delivers actionable information to important questions to executives through built-in analytics to make necessary business decisions.
  • Offers a rich Case 360 Dashboard
    • The case dashboard is one place where agents come to work and get the customer query resolved in a much faster and better way than ever before. This along with the standard details offers some powerful informational access such as the mood of the customer without going through case content, solution widget providing a best-suited solution to the problem without the need of agent thinking and drafting the reply, searchable knowledge base for any articles, questions, and answers or any other possible solutions.
  • Guides agents with the best Smart Actions
    • This powerful feature guides agents with the best possible actions (smart actions) suggested based on the customer problem dynamically having higher chances of getting them executed by agents.
  • Built-in analytics and insights provide executives and other senior management actionable information which are critical for any business decisions.
  • Configure the system recommended actions such as reading from any records, updating records, sending any communication via email, social, SMS, etc.
  • Offers a dedicated self-service configurations portal offering authorized users capability to configure different actions as and how they need to let their customer agents teamwork the way they want!

 Appcino's CRM on Appian Suite is a 2019 AppMarket Award Winner