Appian Accelerator - Constituent Case Management

Delivering benefits and services to constituents is a core function of government performed at nearly every agency. The Appian Accelerator for Constituent Case Management streamlines the procedures for processing external and internal correspondence when doing this and provides transparency into inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and overdue tasks to optimize constituent communication.

With Appian, interactions from multiple data sources can be integrated seamlessly into a single, unified view of a constituent. Omni-channel delivery, including mobile, allows government services to be delivered in a consistent manner across a variety of demographics.

Correspondence is tracked as documents that can be organized into specific folders to ensure the proper identification of a correspondence request and the appropriate workflow for review, approval, and resolution. In this process, verified responses to correspondence inquiries are managed and maintained within the system to avoid the duplicate processing of common correspondence topics that can needlessly consume budget dollars and manpower.

Also, the workflow templates available with Constituent Case Management can capture consistent business processes that are frequently used to develop different types of correspondence and can be leveraged to quickly generate tasks and assignments. Users are able to dynamically adjust routing and approval workflow tasks as needed, with the ability to assign deadlines and SLAs to ensure the correspondence is handled in a timely manner.

Manage your constituent correspondence workload from a simple, yet powerful, dashboard that displays tasks and due dates. Detailed reports and a full historical audit trail of all folders, documents, and tasks in the system provide further visibility into system usage patterns and operational efficiencies.  

With Constituent Case Management, users are empowered to define their own business workflows in real-time for processing a wide variety of documents and forms for review, approval, and sign-off. Users are also able to modify in-progress workflows for documents as needs and business rules change. At any point in the process, documents can be checked out and checked back into the system to ensure document integrity as they are updated and versioned.


Appian Accelerators are pre-built configurable applications used to kickstart a customer’s implementation.  Appian Professional Services developed Appian Accelerators based on best practices identified from real-world implementations and industry subject-matter experts. Customers can rely on their quality, scalability, and easy fit within their existing IT ecosystem.  These Accelerators are available at no charge for active Appian customers.  


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