Application Translation Management

Provides seamless end-to-end management of developing internationalized applications across your enterprise. It manages the flow of translation units developers author inside resource bundles in their native language, import of translation units from resource bundles into rich user interface for language subject matter experts to review and translate into other required languages.

Once translations are complete developers can then finish process by auto building resource bundles for all registered and translated languages.

Key Functionality:

  • Standardize use of the pre-requisite load resource bundle plug-in by development team.
  • Provide round-trip engineering for resource bundle file management between developers and language subject matter experts.
  • Dynamically add new target languages without having to change any code.
  • Provides multi-tenancy application support for managing target application resource bundles.
  • Provide support for shared translation unit resources across applications.
  • Loosely coupled dependency of ATM to enterprise applications. All resource bundles are generated into enterprise applications for deployment to test and production.