Automated Incident Management


Global warming, carbon trading and anti-pollution legislation are necessitating new processes to insure efficient and cost effective production and operational management. These environmental-related trends have resulted in a need to improve performance while complying with more stringent industry regulations and adhering strictly to environmental and safety norms, primarily by taking advantage of better asset utilization and improved production schedules.  As such, exception and operational issues need to be managed and addressed as rapidly and efficiently as possible.  

Cognizant’s Automated Incident Management application enables organizations to automatically capture and route incidents from site locations for resolution and investigation. Automated routing is based on incident category, capturing images, photos, videos and other essential data.  It helps to achieve increased margins through better understanding of customer needs, minimized production variations, reduced operational costs, and improved product quality.  The Automated Incident Management application also provides status on open issues and improves reporting and trending of incident occurrences. The system sends out reminders, notifications, and escalates overdue items, so no critical tasks go unanswered.

Realized benefits from this application include:

  • Increase visibility and transparency for all operations
  • Easily configure to adhere to standards and company policy
  • Provide a complete audit trail, providing full accountability
  • Clear indication of current risks, enabling future preventative action
  • Substantial decrease in manual tasks
  • Significant reduction in processing time
  • Increase in employee productivity

The application gives you a fully configurable, automated, and mobile app that has the flexibility to fit the specific needs of your organization while providing a  rigorous controlled environment that mitigates risk and facilitates compliance and regulatory conformance.