Automated Label Management with RPA

 2018 AppMarket Award Winner in “App Innovation in Business Operations”

Despite many innovations in automation, a core Pharmaceutical business process - Label Management - is burdened with many human tasks and activities. Princeton Blue’s Automated Label Management application leverages Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation platform combined with the process orchestration and exception handling capabilities of Appian to automate Label Management from end-to-end. While Appian coordinates the overall Label Management business process including approvals and exception handling, the robot performs mundane tasks like searching SharePoint, downloading and reading PDF files, extracting critical paragraphs/data, and updating Excel sheets.

Key Features:

  • Automated Workflow - BPM process for Label Change Request
  • Rule Driven Approvals - Approval levels based on configurable rules for core safety information documents
  • SharePoint Interaction - Robotic search and download of documents
  • Automated Document Ingestion - Automated reading of regulatory pdf documents
  • Excel Data Entry - Data entry into an Excel spreadsheet using RPA
  • Analysis Dashboards - Visibility into process execution with dashboards and reports