Box Connected System


Designed to support high-volume, file lifecycle management of Box content in conjunction with the Groundswell Box File Upload Component.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Supports OAuth for JWT and Client Credentials
  • Supports credential caching per Box best practices
  • Support "as user" impersonation
  • Integrations include:
    • Get Box Current User
    • Create App User
    • List Files/Folder from Folder
    • File Metadata Lifecycle - Get, Update, Delete
    • List Metadata Templates
    • Get File Download URL
    • Retrieve an Access Token
    • Revoke an Access Token
    • Delete File
  • Client API capabilities include:
    • Returning Access Token
    • Revoking an Access Token

Note: The upload feature is supported by pairing this component with its sister component Groundswell Box File Upload Component