While making a purchase or completing a payment users need to interact with payment gateways external to Appian. Using this component a payment screen hosted by BPOINT can be integrated into the Appian user interface.

The component expects an authkey to be generated outside the plug-in and passed in as a parameter. The component uses an iFrame to embed the web page hosted by BPOINT.

The method of integration used is "3 Party iFrame" as explained here - https://www.bpoint.com.au/developers/v3/#!#threepartytokeniframe

Since the Payment page is hosted by BPOINT and component is using an iFrame the sensitive information is not captured in Appian. This component provides additional browser support which is not provided by web content component (i.e. Safari , Edge and IE). All other interactions with BPOINT needs to happen outside the component such as generation of AuthKey, processing payment and search for transactions. E.g. Auth Key needed to render the component needs to be generated by a rest call to BPOINT hosted services at https://www.bpoint.com.au/webapi/v3/txns/processtxnauthkey.  
For further details please refer - https://www.bpoint.com.au/developers