Business Card Reader Utility

After attending a conference, trade show, or networking event, the sales team often come away with a stack of business cards. But between post-event fatigue and getting back into the regular work routine, it can be challenging to find time to sort through them and add them to company's contacts. Business card reader will help to convert all the paper business cards into digital Appian records within few clicks.
Once a Contact record is created, this application provides multiple actions that can help for an effective sales follow-up process including the ability to update contact details, send follow-up emails, set up meetings or reminders and add notes. These can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Key Features:

  • Convert paper business cards to create digital contact records in Appian
  • Related actions on the contact are available to update contact, send follow-up emails, add notes and set reminders
  • Share your contact details with just one tap. Sending an e-mail with your digital business card now only takes a few seconds.
  • Can read business cards in any format with high degree of accuracy in finding key information such as:
  • Can be easily integrated with existing CRM systems
  • Ability to export contacts
  • Contact can be created either by scanning business cards or by entering data manually. After scanning cards, there is an optional step to verify the details before creating a record.
  • Can be used both on desktop and any mobile device using Appian native app.  If used from any of the mobile device, it can take pictures of the business card using mobile’s native camera and send that image for processing to have a seamless user experience. If used on desktop users can upload JPEG image of a business card.

This application uses the CAMCARD rest API ( which is an intelligent OCR engine to read business cards and extract data fields. It leverages out of the box Appian functionality and does not require any custom plug-ins.
In order to use this API a license key and pricing information must be requested from the Camcard website.