Business Charts


Business users can view and analyze the business data in Appian by leveraging Appian’s charting capabilities and the ad-hoc reporting capabilities provided by Persistent’s Business Charts. Users can create dynamic reports by selecting an Application and a data entity and then configuring the report details. The generated reports can then be exported and also shared with other users.

Key Features & Functionality

  • A powerful charting framework for business users
  • Support for multi-level drill downs, custom fields and group by functionality
  • Export of charts and data to Excel
  • Ability to share reports with other users via email
  • Real-time updates to chart configurations
  • Configuration of security settings for the generated reports

* The latest version of this app offers:

  • Custom fields that enable business users to configure arithmetic operations
  • Personalization of report components (e.g. charts, report columns)
  • Group by column functionality