Calendar Grid

Macedon's Calendar Component allows users to view the information that they need in an intuitive calendar format. Whether users want to visualize upcoming key dates, track deadlines for onboarding a new client, or manage their meetings, this component provides all of the necessary tools. It is fast to implement, and entirely flexible for use across industries.

This product provides:

  • One easy to use component that is quick to set up and handles all of the details of generating the calendar and enabling paging
  • Mobile support
  • The ability to totally customize each day as needed for your use case, using any desired Appian components
  • Dynamic colors and links for each day
  • Several new styling and sizing options to help integrate the calendar with the look and feel of your application
  • Option to toggle between a month, week, or day view.

The component uses out-of-the-box functionality, no plug-ins are required.