Calendar Grid

Macedon’s Calendar Grid Component (CGC) was designed with developers in mind — providing flexibility in terms of what information the calendar portrays, while keeping the calendar generation and paging mechanisms completely transparent.

This component has use cases across all industries; it can be used to track and visualize deadlines for onboarding a new client, advertising product prices that vary by day (e.g. flights), schedule and assign meetings based on a user’s availability, and much more.

Using CGC provides developers with the tools they need to implement a calendar interface that users love, at a fraction of the time it would take to create from scratch.

The component uses out-of-the-box functionality, no Plug-ins are required.

  • Hi Rick,

    The calendar component allows you to specify how each day is displayed, so you could certainly render recurring events that are visually distinct from other types of events. It takes advantage of most features provided by a!richTextDisplayField, including all non-header stylings (bold, italics, large, small, red, green, etc.), links, images, and more. To display a recurring event, I would recommend finding a recurring event icon and embedding it within the display using the a!richTextImage component.



  • Hi, Does this calendar render recurring events?

  • Hi riang,

    Yes, as with other grids in Appian, there will be a scrollbar when you view a calendar through the Appian mobile app. For smaller mobile devices, like phones, you can see about 4 days of the week at a time, and with larger tablets you can see up to 6 days. Even if the user scrolls, the month navigation tool below the grid will always remain locked in place. Instead, if you are viewing a calendar through a mobile browser, you can easily zoom out to see the entire calendar.

    We have also recently updated the calendar component with a new feature that allows the user to toggle between "Day", "Week", and "Month" views, instead of just a monthly view. It is possible to configure the "Day" view that shows a component other than a grid, which may be more suitable and user friendly for mobile app users.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.



  • Hi, how does it fit to mobile? Is it overflowing with scroll bars since its a grid?