CATALUS Grants Management


Data scattered across systems, spreadsheets, and emails is complex, frustrating, and overly manual. As a result, governments risk:

  • Delayed funding for the people and communities that need it the most
  • Underutilized funding within prescribed deadlines
  • Enhanced scrutiny by federal funders
  • Increased chances of reputational harm and media attention for mismanaged funds and grants.

Most state and local agencies can’t view grants management data across funding sources or offices. Existing systems are siloed, fragmented, and don’t talk to each other. Plus, they are hard to adapt for agency specific needs and new federal requirements.

Key Features & Functionality

Appian’s low-code automation platform allows us to quickly and easily solve complex challenges—whether that’s building apps and workflows or seamlessly integrating with enterprise technology. CATALUS offers:

  • Intuitive interface built around the functional needs of each user role
  • Dashboards and reporting that enable data-driven decisions across federal funding sources and programs
  • Ability to assign and reassign tasks
  • Agility and speed to deploy and adapt custom solutions

Benefits & Business Impact

CATALUS delivers:

  • Transparency and situational awareness of where money is going
  • Visibility of program, project, and activity progress to all relevant stakeholders (e.g., federal funders, media, participating grantees, the people being served)
  • Real-time updates as program design, policies, and procedures inevitably evolve
  • Increased trust in the government and the grants process
 2022 Appian Public Sector Partner Solutions Cup Winner
This award recognizes the winning solution from our annual Public Sector Partner Solutions Cup competition