Coforge DevOps Framework

Below are the challenges where this utility might help:

  • With the traditional deployment approach, the turnaround time required between various environments is more. Ex: after QA sign-off a deployment needs to be scheduled for UAT
  • Due to lengthy regression test cycles regimented Quarterly release cycles are available, which leads to significant waiting time. Even for minor changes or additions.
  • Monitoring/Maintaining multiple environments with up-to-date code .
  • Difficulty in establishing coordination between Development, Testing, and operations teams. Ex: missed to update status in Jira but code is deployed and available for testing
  • Resource availability/dependency at a particular phase of the project lifecycle. Ex. Operations team services are immediately required after QA sign-off

Key features and functionality:

  • CI/CD framework is used to make entire deployment journey automatic.
  • Developers and Testers work simultaneously, and Jira acts as source of truth for them
  • Testers write Cucumber scripts, tags it with Jira ticket number and push the code to GitHub
  • Developer provides solution to the problem in Appian and pushes the code to Test environment using Appian's 'Compare and Deploy' feature
  • Jenkins takes over after this point. Connects all systems, Triggers next activity in workflow, monitors the outcome, and updates result in Jira