Complaint Board

Tech Tammina’s Complaint Board application, using the power of the Appian platform, enables the management of any type of complaint or service request made by employees in an organization. The app allows the user to categorize and prioritize complaints and routes it to the appropriate group/department for resolution.

Administrators have the ability to create categories, groups and subsequently map members to groups and groups to categories using the Appian Tempo interface. A complete audit trail, including comments history and uploaded supporting images, helps provide a complete history of the complaint.

Key Features

  • Dynamic complaint routing to the correct groups
  • Categorization of complaints based on severity and priority determined via a user-requested due date
  • Users can attach multiple supportive images for each complaint
  • Users can evaluate complaints by adding comments and can view a complete audit trail accessible at any point in time
  • Ability to reassign or escalate the complaint request
  • Provides ratings and user satisfaction surveys of the service that can be utilized in analysis and performance evaluations of individual employees or groups
  • Leverages news feed posts and automated email notifications to provide updates