convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud

Convedo’s Intelligent Capture Cloud solution, powered by IRIS — a Canon company — integrates with Appian to deliver a SaaS-based intelligent digital processing platform. The solution gives organizations easy access to document processing solutions while providing the benefits of a fully managed pay-as-you-go service, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive self-managed deployments.

At the heart of convedo’s Intelligent Capture Cloud is IRISXtract from Canon, the market-leading intelligent capture software, which extracts data from multiple sources, making critical data relevant to Appian’s digital workforce. IRISXtract initiates processes that drive business transformation, while continuously learning from human input to improve accuracy and become more efficient. It is a powerful solution to organizations that have the heavy burden of relying on paper struggling to go digital. The use of iOCR (ML and AI) technology combined with business process management tools and robotic tools can truly transform an organization's operations to be more efficient, empower employees to attend to clients and make cost savings.


  1. Reduce operational costs by increasing reliability and quality; the addition of AI functionality improves data extraction. Eliminate the heavy expense of installing, maintaining and upgrading self-managed IT infrastructure by moving to a SaaS subscription model.
  2. Scale faster and easier by addressing changing needs for your organization. When it’s time to increase bandwidth for managing unstructured data, rather than investing in additional in-house server capacity and software licenses, simply adjust your monthly SaaS subscription.
  3. Connect to the Intelligent Capture Cloud Instantly. A secure internet connection is all that's required.
  4. Remain Future-Proof. As IRIS technology changes and new innovations come along, the Intelligent Capture Cloud will reflect that, ensuring you stay cutting edge.

The Convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud Appian Plug-in is designed to provide a simplified approach to get access to convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud service from within an Appian process. As an Appian smart service, it uploads the target document to the convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud and receives the captured content as structured data.

This version of the plug-in provides access to the convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud service which includes support for:

  • Invoices – Returns the invoice number, date, net value, VAT value, gross value, supplier, customer, and details of products