Data Ninja


Macedon’s Data Ninja empowers everyone in the organization to slice and dice the information in their Appian applications, ultimately leading to high confidence, data-driven decision making at all levels.   The Data Ninja provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and customizing reports.   It provides different modules targeted towards functionally-oriented business users as well as tech-oriented super users.

Key Features & Functionality

By using Data Ninja’s streamlined reporting wizard module, any Appian user can create fully interactive reports on their data. Configure filters, charts, groupings, intuitive display formatting, and fine-grained security all without any Appian implementation. Reports can be saved for later viewing, shared with other users, and even exported to Excel. The Data Ninja reporting wizard puts the full power of Appian’s reporting capabilities into the hands of the users that need those reports to do their job.

For power users such as data stewards, system analysts, and IT staff, the Data Ninja data explorer module enables a new level of control over the data stored in an Appian application. The explorer provides advanced features, such as multiple-criteria filters, ad-hoc searching, one-click navigation between linked tables, and also exposes add, update and delete operations to users with the appropriate permissions. The data explorer module gives power users the ability to resolve issues and update reference data quickly and efficiently without the need to access the backend database.

NEW for Data Ninja 2.0:
• Streamlined data configuration so that administrators can set up Data Ninja faster
• Support for exporting a high volume of data to a spreadsheet
• Logging of data modifications to comply with audit requirements