Data Subject Rights


The Data Subject Rights app is part of the ‘KPMG Privacy Apps’ suite that gives you the ability to meet privacy requirements in a way that’s automated, integrated, scalable and robust.  This application covers the processing of data subject rights within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from initial capture to redaction and closure.

Key Features and Functionality  

  • Delivers a unified customer experience across mobile, web and contact centre channels to capture and manage data subject requests for subject access, portability, erasure and rectification
  • Provides a secure portal for data subjects to access and download their personal data
  • Manages the assessment, data gathering, collation and redaction of data subject requests
  • Integrates with key systems to identify and retrieve personal data requested automatically
  • Comes with a powerful defensible deletion utility to help you automate deletion of unstructured data in a secure, auditable way
  • Integrates with records of processing activities in the KPMG Privacy Apps suite to automatically reference and query new systems which process personal data

About KPMG’s Privacy Apps Suite:

Organisations need industrial-strength systems to manage privacy in a sustainable way and help them move from a defensible position around privacy to leveraging privacy for competitive advantage – which is why we’ve developed KPMG Privacy Apps on Appian. 

Our suite of apps gives you the ability to meet privacy requirements in a way that’s automated, integrated, scalable and robust. Devised by our team of leading global privacy and technical experts and with input from twenty five clients, these powerful tools provide automated data compliance and transparency via simple-to-use dashboards and intuitive analysis and reporting features. 

Each app can be bought and used in isolation; or they can be combined into a single, end-to-end solution, giving you unrivalled privacy compliance capabilities.   What’s more, they can be easily and securely integrated into your existing IT architecture and personal data management systems and processes.

 KPMG's Privacy Apps Suite is a 2019 AppMarket Award Winner