Dynamic Case Management


Handling unstructured work is an important challenge facing today’s digital world.

Not all possible scenarios, operating procedures, or exception paths can be envisaged and designed during initial  IT development phases.  These problems impact functions in multiple industries: Customer Service in Retail, Order Management in Telecom, Claims Processing in Insurance, just to name a few.

Infosys’ Dynamic Case Management app provides business users with a real-time workflow management solution that brings structure to all case management use cases.

Key Features & Functionality


  1. Define and execute workflows dynamically: Users can respond and act in real time, allowing work to travel across silos
  2. Define and generate unique, but unified interfaces for all ad-hoc activity
  3. Ensure nothing falls between the cracks with real-time application monitoring and task progress monitoring
  4. Collaborate to leverage community knowledge with Appian’s social collaboration tools