Dynamic Question Survey (DQS)


Dynamic Question Survey (DQS) provides for accelerated survey creation and maintenance by end-users. DQS allows survey creation and completion to be performed within the same system. The survey creation system features one-click navigation to any survey component, so even complex surveys can be navigated efficiently. Multiple levels of organization within surveys allow questions to be grouped cleanly within pages and sections. Questions are completely customizable – business rules involving complex conditions can be managed within Appian. DQS offers full-featured survey creation in a refreshingly simple interface.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Robust survey creation allowing for extensive customizability – displayed with compact presentation and efficient navigation.
  • The ability to customize questions by providing the field type, instructions, potential answers, required status, and business rules for each question.
  • Common business rules are built-in and available for selection, while custom logic may be coded in an Appian Expression Rule and applied to any question or section.
  • Survey completion in a guided wizard, according to the structure of the created survey.