Examination System


BlueRose Technologies’ Examination System application provides a complete evaluation, examination, and certification system. The application is divided into two major modules:

  1. Create Question Bank
  2. Administer/Take Exam

The Examination System allows exam administrators to easily view results, history, and performance drill-downs for exams and test takers.  The application features multiple-choice question functionality and automatic, real-time validation. It also provides a single and flexible application for evaluation that can be easily updated and configured to meet the needs of any organization.

Key Features:

Create Question Bank

  • Create a question bank with single or multi-select options
  • Available approval process where questions, options, and answers can be reviewed by a subject matter expert (SME)
  • Includes functionality to check for duplicate questions
  • Administrator customization functions include the addition of a new exam, topics, user(s) and SME(s)
  • Includes security features to only allow an administrator user to view all questions
  • AI to update the difficulty level of questions according to the number of correct/incorrect attempts

Take Exam:

  • Set up exam functionality to allow the administrator to configure the exam.  Settings include duration, adding authorized exam attendees, “Show results to user”, etc.
  • Instructions dynamically update based on exam setup
  • Random question selection option
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Pictorial representation of results for self-evaluation and manager
  • Maintains exam history
  • Examinee management including the option to enable or disable exam reattempt
  • Mail triggers about scheduled exams for all examinees