Expense Management

Expense reporting can be time-consuming and tedious work for anyone involved, from the employees submitting them to the teams responsible for approving, invoicing and issuing payments. Macedon’s Expense Management (EMA) application simplifies the entire process by leveraging the strengths of Appian, including mobile, records, reports, news feed, and dynamic document generation.

Users are able to utilize their mobile devices to take pictures of receipts at any time. Images are automatically resized and can be linked to expense report line items at a later time. Submitted expense reports are routed through the appropriate approver groups then queued for invoicing and payment. EMA enables awareness by sending actionable, automated reminders via the News Feed of upcoming deadlines.

Come invoicing time, billable expense reports are automatically rolled up by client and project. Invoice details can then be entered and EMA automatically generates a consolidated report that can be downloaded and sent along with the invoice.

For employee reimbursement, EMA will automatically roll up the expense reports by employee. Payment information can then be entered and employees are automatically notified.

EMA is a powerful, yet flexible application and can easily be tailored to your organization. The application owner can set up expense categories (both billable and non-billable), clients and client projects with configurable levels of approval. The expense period can also be configured, including frequency, submission deadlines and reimbursement payment dates.


  • Expense Reports
  • Invoice Periods
  • Payments