Google Cloud Storage Connected System


Upload, append, list, delete, and generate public URLs to documents in Google Cloud Storage.

Key Features & Functionality

Integrations Provided:

  • Upload File
    • Uploads a document into a storage bucket
    • Optionally encrypts the file using a KMS key or customer provided AES256 encryption key
  • Create Bucket
    • Creates a new bucket
  • Append To File
    • Appends text to an existing file, this is especially useful for appending new training examples in a CSV file for import into an AutoML dataset
  • Get File Information
    • Returns metadata about a file
  • Get Signed URL
    • Generates a time-limited publicly accessible URL to a file
  • Delete File
    • Deletes a file in a bucket
  • List Buckets
    • Lists all buckets in the Google Cloud project, with an optional filter prefix
  • List Files in Bucket
    • Lists all files in a bucket, with an optional filter prefix
  • Delete Bucket
    • Deletes a bucket and all the files it contains

1.1.0 Update

  • Honors proxy configuration settings in the Admin Console

1.0.2 Update

  • Exports all properties to properties file

1.0.1 Update

  • Allows for file path to be defined by an expression


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