Intelligent Tasking


Manage employee output for a team that is dynamically composed with unpredictable schedules all while keeping an eye on meeting business objectives. This dynamic, highly configurable solution has proven useful to numerous types and sizes of organizations with different products and processes.

Key Features & Functionality

The "Assign Resource Workload" action allows managers to update their team members' availability and productivity level across each task type. Key benefits include:

  • Assign which employees can work tasks within which functional area
    • Some employees might only perform underwriting tasks, while others perform loan auditing or sales fulfillment tasks. Some employees can perform a combination of these tasks.
  • Manage unpredictable staffing and workload
    • When employees have unanticipated personal obligations, view inactive resources and recommended replacements
    • View actual resource allocation against real-time ideal resource allocation
      • Make changes and see the actual resource allocation grid update in real-time.
      • When demand for particular tasks fluctuates, make changes to align actual FTEs towards ideal FTEs.
  • Within each functional area, provide another level of related tasks that each employee can perform
    • For employees that are assigned to be auditors, some may only be allowed to perform pre-funding tasks or KYC due diligence tasks.
  • Assign a productivity level for each resource within each functional area
    • This is especially useful when someone is new or in training.

When making changes, the manager can see updates to the actual resource allocation grid in real-time. Alongside this grid is an ideal resource allocation grid, which provides an ideal FTE workload based on the current tasks in the system. By comparing these 2 grids and striving to fit the actual resource allocation to the ideal resource allocation, managers can have the right employees in the system at the right time. This effectively maximizes utilization through harmonizing customer satisfaction and costs.