Memorandum Approval


PolariseMe’s Memorandum Approval app provides a formal structure and process for insuring official or legal messages are accurate, clear and thorough; and meet any and all legal or compliance requirements.  This process is particularly important with the growth of quick e-mail messages as a common method of communication in business.  The Memorandum Approval application provides structure for:

  • Company Policy Changes, ensuring the appropriate formality and authority as well as relevant approvals before the memo is disseminated
  • Announcements (e.g., new product lines, stock information, client acquisition), ensuring only appropriate and allowed data are included, and all necessary approvals are obtained
  • Action Requests, such as open enrollment periods for health insurance, where timely and accurate information to and response from all employees is required by specific dates
  • Issuance of (Legal) Notice(s), where necessary approvals must be obtained before issuance.

The Memorandum Approval application provides a process-oriented approach for approvals and issuance of such Memorandums to ensure that the information in the release has accountability, has the necessary approvals, and meets the needs and requirements of management and the enterprise.