NARA Export Utility

CollabraLink’s National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Export Utility simplifies compliance with the exporting and archiving requirements defined by NARA. Utilizing out-of-the-box Appian functionality, CollabraLink has designed a resource that enables users to easily export Appian data in the appropriate archiving file types. This application follows the standards defined by NARA and automatically uses the most appropriate file type and formatting standards.

Like all CollabraLink applications, this utility has been built to be easily updated and maintained to ensure compliance with future changes to exporting and archiving requirements. This utility does not require significant rework and can be incorporated with existing systems and records to provide a tool for properly exporting records and associated data.

The NARA Utility accepts records, data subsets, query results, and much more and converts it all automatically to a properly formatted file that meets NARA requirements. This utility tool also provides tracking of all exports generated for a specific data set and historical data for analyzing changes over time.