Notepad++ User-defined language for Appian


This Notepad++ UDL file provides up-to-date highlighting for Notepad++ that matches the interface designer highlighting as of Appian version 17.2.

  • Highlights functions, comments, keywords, operators and delimiters (and many more) in the appropriate colors
  • Includes a .sail extension setting - with the correct file association defined, text files with a .sail extension will automatically be opened in the Appian 17.2 language highlighting

Import Instructions:

  • In Notepad++, go to 'language', then 'define your language'
  • Hit 'import', and select the XML file
    • Close the 'define your language' window and restart Notepad++
  • Once restarted, an 'Appian 17.2' option will appear at the bottom of the language menu
    • Select this option to enable highlighting

Notepad++ can be downloaded here.

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