Personal Medical Advocate


Persistent’s Personal Medical Advocate (PMA) application enables PMAs to be in complete control of the patient’s health information, while also providing transparency for the Health Care Provider (HCP) into the patient’s health and wellness. In result, it creates a dynamically engaged system that generates a 360° view into the patient’s health record, risk assessment, and provides the HCP with the necessary transparency to identify health risks in their early stages. Early detection has been proven to reduce insurance costs, while also extends the lifespan of many patients.

Solution Highlights:

  • Dynamic Records list grid clearly identifies if a patient has a health concern
  • Data collection provides a comprehensive patient tracking solution for identifying at-risk patients
  • 360° View into Patient’s Medical History
  • Continuous monitoring into Patient’s health and wellness
  • Transparency into health of patients without constant requirement for office visits
  • Risk identification automates processes to proactively treat illness and increase chances of early detection, cutting insurance costs and enhancing the patient’s lifespan


  • Patients


  • Prescription Checklist Report