Properties and Facilities Management


PolariseMe’s Properties and Facilities Management application provides building developers, property managers, real estate agencies, and facility managers with a customizable real estate management application that enables end-to-end management of properties through six major modules:

  1. Property and Facility Management
  2. Lease Management
  3. Maintenance Management
  4. Contacts Management
  5. Lead and Opportunity Management
  6. Tenant Relationship Management

With all six modules accessible through one interface, users are able to:

  • Organize, track and search data and information on properties, property spaces, and facilities.
  • Manage sales activities, including create sales leads for properties and facilities, convert leads to opportunities, and manage the sales cycle for each opportunity until a decision is provided.
  • Manage post-sales activities, including enabling vendors and tenants to manage lease expirations, renewals, move-ins, and move- outs.

The Properties and Facilities Management application enables property managers to meet changing demands and market conditions, to effectively manage their properties and property spaces, and to empower facilities managers and building tenants, all through a single platform.