RabbitMQ Connected System

RabbitMQ is a message queueing software also known as a message broker or queue manager. Simply put; it is software where queues are defined, to which applications connect in order to transfer a message or messages. A message can include any kind of information. For example, it could contain information about a process or task that should start on another application (which could be on another server), or it could be just a simple text message. The queue manager software stores the messages until a receiving application connects and takes a message off the queue.

The RabbitMQ Integration template allows users to send messages to an exchange called "amc.topic." When used in combination with Perficient's RabbitMQ Consumer Field Plug-in, messages can be sent and received through Appian processes and SAIL expressions in near real-time.

Example use cases:

  • Handle locking and unlocking in near-real time, allowing a client to lock down any interface (including on records and reports) for a user when it is in use and locked by another user
  • Keep multiple browsers/browser instances in sync without needing to refresh the page or rely on a!refreshVariable to periodically refresh the page when data changes
  • Handle near real-time updating between users to give them messenger-like communication functions

Functionalities included:

  • Connected System template for RabbitMQ
  • Integration Object templates for sending messages from Appian SAIL and Process Models
  • Client API to allow Perficient's RabbitMQ Consumer Field Plug-In to access RabbitMQ through the Connected System values


  • Must have a RabbitMQ installation that is exposed to your Appian instance. On cloud, this will require a VPN tunnel to be set up.