Retail Bank Digital Branch Customer Experience


Digital disruption is redefining branch banking globally, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of branches.  Branches are also being reformatted to focus on complex and high-value transactions. There is an increasing needed to synergize the digital and physical worlds of the customer to drive a significant increase in customer engagement and revenue at a branch.

HCL’s Digital Branch Customer Experience application demonstrates how the customer can be engaged at a branch by leveraging digital solutions. The app addresses managing customer footfall at the branch, reducing wait times, providing priority services to privileged customers, and pushing real-time product offers based on a customer’s profile.

Key Features

The key features and capabilities include:

  1. Providing personalized customer service: Identify customers entering the branch by integrating with ‘nearables’ deployed at the branch
  2. Enabling priority servicing for privileged customers entering the branch with custom queue
  3. Reducing wait time: Allow the customer to join a queue through a mobile device and enable visibility of wait times even when the customer is outside the branch
  4. Pushing targeted real-time product recommendations and offers based on customer profile to the customer’s mobile device
  5. Offering conversion and action: Branch staff are equipped with the Appian app on tablets and can review customer interest, and engage and advise the customer at the branch
  6. Measuring branch effectiveness: Actionable insight to monitor and measure branch performance.