Scrum Management

Scrum Management allows scrum teams to manage and conduct scrum ceremonies all within Appian, allowing Scrum Masters and Team Members alike to facilitate processes to ensure successful sprints and delivery.

For Scrum Masters:

  • Manage and conduct all required Scrum workflows (standups, plannings, reviews, retrospectives)
  • Conduct voting for storypointing the backlog and collecting retrospective feedback
  • Manage and oversee impediments

For Team Members:

  • Participate in storypointing and retrospective voting
  • Open and manage impediments


  • Thanks April.  The package has imported successfully.

  • Hi  - the download package has been updated. Please try downloading and importing again!

  • Hi,

    I am getting an error trying to import the package.  Error says - The specified file does not contain a valid package and cannot be imported. (APNX-1-4154-000).  Our Appian version is 18.4.

  •    - the zip has been updated to include the tables and views document, feel free to download the zip again!

  • Thanks for the congrats gonzalog, while we cannot attach documentation here, I'm happy to send to your email if you could provide it.

    In the mean-time, while the tables can be created directly from Appian using the OOTB save&publish feature, you are correct that it would be nice to have the view context available so I am commenting that here:


    select concat(`tm`.`userid`,`an`.`description`) AS `id`,`tm`.`id` AS `team_member_id`,`tm`.`userid` AS `team_member_user_id`,`tm`.`projectid` AS `project_id`,`pr`.`name` AS `project_name`,`pr`.`active` AS `active_status`,`an`.`id` AS `announcement_id`,`an`.`description` AS `announcement_description` from ((`Appian`.`ksscteammember` `tm` join `Appian`.`ksscproject` `pr` on((`tm`.`projectid` = `pr`.`id`))) join `Appian`.`ksscannouncements` `an` on((`pr`.`id` = `an`.`projectid`)))


    select `at`.`id` AS `attendance_id`,`at`.`attended` AS `attended_flag`,`tm`.`userid` AS `teammember_username`,`ds`.`id` AS `daily_scrum_id`,`ds`.`scrummaster` AS `scrummaster`,`ds`.`startdatetime` AS `startdatetime`,`ds`.`enddatetime` AS `enddatetime`,`pr`.`id` AS `project_id`,`pr`.`name` AS `project_name`,`ac`.`previousdaydescription` AS `previous_activities`,`ac`.`currentdaydescription` AS `current_activities` from ((((`Appian`.`ksscattendance` `at` join `Appian`.`ksscteammember` `tm` on((`at`.`teammemberid` = `tm`.`id`))) join `Appian`.`ksscproject` `pr` on((`tm`.`projectid` = `pr`.`id`))) left join `Appian`.`ksscdailyscrumactivities` `ac` on((`at`.`id` = `ac`.`attendanceid`))) join `Appian`.`ksscdailyscrummeeting` `ds` on((`at`.`meetingid` = `ds`.`id`)))


    select `im`.`id` AS `impediment_id`,`im`.`reporterteammemberid` AS `reporter_teammember_id`,`tm`.`userid` AS `reporter_username`,`im`.`ownerteammemberid` AS `owner_teammember_id`,`tm2`.`userid` AS `owner_username`,`im`.`description` AS `description`,`im`.`reporteddate` AS `reported_date`,`im`.`status` AS `status`,`im`.`actiontaken` AS `action_taken`,`im`.`result` AS `result`,`im`.`closeddate` AS `date_closed`,`pr`.`id` AS `project_id`,`pr`.`name` AS `project_name` from (((`Appian`.`ksscimpediments` `im` join `Appian`.`ksscteammember` `tm` on((`im`.`reporterteammemberid` = `tm`.`id`))) left join `Appian`.`ksscteammember` `tm2` on((`im`.`ownerteammemberid` = `tm2`.`id`))) join `Appian`.`ksscproject` `pr` on((`tm`.`projectid` = `pr`.`id`)))


    select `tm`.`id` AS `teammember_id`,`tm`.`userid` AS `teammember_userid`,`pr`.`id` AS `project_id`,`pr`.`name` AS `project_name`,`pr`.`updatedby` AS `project_updatedby`,`pr`.`updateddatetime` AS `project_updated`,`pr`.`active` AS `project_active` from (`Appian`.`ksscteammember` `tm` join `Appian`.`ksscproject` `pr` on((`tm`.`projectid` = `pr`.`id`)))

  • Hello

    Application looks interesting, congratulations,

    I'm thinking on importing it into one of our instances. Just wanted to ask you if you have any documentation on the tables and views needed for the app?