SharePoint Document Integration

The following smart services are provided in this plug-in.  

  • Get Document - Downloads a document from SharePoint and saves it as an Appian document
  • Push Document - Uploads a document from Appian into SharePoint
  • Create Folder - Creates the specified folder in SharePoint

The plug-in supports:

  • Basic or NTLM Authentication
  • Use of Secure Credentials Store
  • SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013
  • Dear Team,

    We are using the version 1.4.3 of plugin #SharePoint Document Integration and facing the below error while trying to submit one task:

    After that we have upgraded this plugin to latest version i.e. 1.4.4 but still facing the same issue. Please let us know how can we resolve this issue?

    As per the appian team, 

    This plugin is causing the below issue:

    The issue may be occurring because the JsonParserFactory class was renamed to JsonParserAdapter. And this now needs to be updated in the plugin so that it doesn't throw the NoClassDefFound error.

    Please help us in resolving this issue as soon as possible as it is causing high business impact.

  • a stack trace would be helpful. Also, what has changed in the environment that was working before and now is not?

    Also, by "Appian team" are you referring to Appian Support? If so, do you have a ticket number you can reference?

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