SharePoint Utility


Allows Appian users to more robustly interact with documents stored in SharePoint. Interactions include advanced actions like updating document/folder inheritance and security. Enables Designers to more easily implement SharePoint use cases, and includes admin actions for creating and managing SharePoint groups.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Get document download link
  • Get edit document link
  • Get view folder link
  • Copy a folder
  • Move a folder
  • Copy a document
  • Move a document
  • Delete a folder
  • Delete a document
  • Break folder inheritance
  • Break document inheritance
  • Add folder permissions
  • Add document permissions
  • Remove folder permissions
  • Remove document permissions 
  • Get all folder permissions
  • Get all document permissions
  • Get information about a SharePoint user
  • Get all SharePoint groups a user is in
  • Get information about a SharePoint group
  • Get all members in a SharePoint group
  • Add a SharePoint user to a SharePoint group
  • Remove a SharePoint user from a SharePoint group