Temasys Skylink Real-Time Communications Component


The Temasys Skylink Component lets you add real-time collaborative features such as co-browsing and video calls to your application instantly. Powered by the Temasys Skylink Platform, the Temasys Skylink Component allows you build your application without having to worry about setting up, scaling, and securing the complex infrastructure needed to set up real-time collaborative features for your application.

Key Features & Functionality

By using the Temasys Skylink Component in your application, you get:

  • Security by design: All content and interactions handled by the Temasys Skylink Component — co-browsing feeds, chat messages, audio and video calls, etc. — are end-to-end encrypted by default. This means that data sent using the component can only be read by its intended recipients. In addition, data that you transmit is never stored on our servers — we’re just getting your data to where it needs to go.
  • Real-time collaboration: Build collaborative features into your applications so that users can talk to your team directly without having to switch applications.
  • Vari-channel interactions: Work freely across multiple communication channels. Start a session on live chat, escalate to a voice call or a co-browsing session, and then move back to live chat — all without having to switch out of your application.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Your application can start* co-browsing sessions, live chats, make video and voice calls to any other application that uses the Temasys Skylink Platform. This includes external applications built with the Skylink JS, iOS, and Android SDKs. (*Initiating a co-browsing session requires desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox.)

Temasys is a leading provider of real-time communications technology. We take care of building and scaling global infrastructure that supports your real-time collaboration needs so that you can focus on building your business.