Temasys Skylink Real-Time Communications

Temasys is a leading provider of real-time communications technology. We eliminate the complexity of building and scaling infrastructure to support global communications services. The Temasys Skylink Component on Appian allows anyone to embed real-time co-browsing / screen sharing, live chat, audio and video calling inside any Appian application. Powered by the same secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure used by the Temasys Skylink Platform and standalone SDKs for the web, iOS and Android, the Temasys Skylink Component on Appian uses our complete Platform-as-a-Service for real-time communications to enable real-time customer engagement in your applications.

Embedding real-time communications features inside applications, and then building and scaling the infrastructure required to support these feature on a global scale is extremely costly and time-consuming. It's beyond the capability of most businesses and many developers. Yet, the potential value of adding real-time customer engagement inside of applications is immense. Imagine that your customers can reach you whenever they need to, without having to switch channels by picking up a phone, using a different application to speak with you, or by filling out contact forms and wait for a callback, and so on. The Temasys Skylink Platform addresses all of these drawbacks and now, the Temasys Skylink Component on Appian allows you to quickly and easily add real-time interaction features to your Appian applications.

Key Features:

  • Easily Embed Secure Messaging, Co-browsing / Screensharing, Audio, Video, Data Sharing in your Appian applications
  • Fully interactive, embeddable, real-time, and encrypted audio, video, and multi-path messaging enabled by the Temasys Skylink Component on Appian.
  • Cross-Platform, Everywhere - The Temasys Skylink Component on Appian is fully interoperable with applications using any Temasys Skylink SDK and has been fully tested for, cross-platform, cross-device, and cross-transport interoperability
  • Simple pricing! You only pay for what you use. New user-based license pricing also available for Appian customers and partners. Contact Temasys for more information.

Here are just two ways to use the Temasys Skylink Component on Appian:

  • Start a customer interaction using live chat, and escalate to a voice call or video chat, without switching devices or having to use different technologies.
  • Do you ever wish you could easily view the customer's screen so you can help them fill out forms or help them complete an order online?

Try it today! Just download the package and get started in less than 15 minutes!