KPMG’s Third-Party Diligence app focuses on identifying the universe of third party intermediaries (TPIs), manages the integrity due diligence process and risk assessment, conducts the appropriate level of integrity due diligence and continuously monitors certain TPIs.  

Key Features:

  1. Centralized, transparent workflow that tracks end-to-end due diligence requests in real-time and tracks handoffs across various roles (client’s business sponsor, TPI representative, client compliance and other configurable roles)
  2. Automates and stores TPI information through a web front end, available to internal client personnel and external users
  3. Enables end-to-end visibility through real-time reporting and configurable dashboard capabilities
  4. Facilitates a globally consistent approach to Intermediary Due Diligence across client footprints (configured to multiple languages)
  5. Provides the capability to conduct risk analysis based on an established risk model and assigned scores
  6. Enables a full featured mobile capability across the user community

Key Appian Features:

  • Real-time ability for application users to view related third party intermediary parameters such as status, task ownership and others
  • A robust and configurable risk assessment and scoring rules engine that supports an organization’s specific requirements
  • Document management and archiving
  • A multi-lingual interface
  • Work-social capability that allows users to subscribe to predefined threads in a collaborative fashion
  • Complete audit traceability functionality
  • Enabled mobile functionality with view, track and approval features on smartphones and tablets