VASS Testing Suite


VASS Testing Suite (VTS) helps your company elevate the quality of your Appian applications to a new level. Do you need a plus in terms of unit and functional or end-to-end testing? We mix Appian’s resources with our special sauce to offer a complete QA solution.

We make use of your existing Appian environment so that VTS is available to developers and QA which are already familiar with the Appian work environment, optimizing resources and time.

  • It is the first QA Suite built in Appian to integrate both functional tests (or end2end testing) and unit tests.
  • Always up-to-date and backward compatible with earlier Appian versions, thanks to integrating “Cucumber for Appian” plugin which is provided, supported and maintained by Appian.
  • We provide extended functionality to interact with non-Appian UI components via xpath, capture and utilize dynamic test values, and many others! Further enhancements are possible to cater to your specific requirements.
  • Easily structure your tests in reusable modules and apply DRY (Don't repeat yourself) principles to your workflow.

Key Features & Functionality

Updated to 22.4

  • Functional testing
    • Test editor
      • Friendly and extensible interface
      • Ability to reuse tests in other tests
      • Complex test execution grouping by Application/Module/Feature and tags
      • Test execution in any environment
      • Appian UI components interaction guaranteed for future Appian releases
    • Results
      • Clear view of each test step execution and failure point
      • Email notifications
      • Video and screenshot evidence
      • Execution metrics
    • Functional tests organizer
      • Manage test's hierarchy
      • Modify access restrictions
      • Rename application, module, test
  • Unit testing
    • Dashboard
      • Latest execution results
      • Code quality trends
      • Application results drill-down
      • Code coverage per application (percentage of Appian objects with test cases defined)
    • Added value
      • Error details, object, version, last modification date
      • Quick access link to Appian object
      • Email notification sent to last user who modified a failing test
    • Unit test configuration
      • Results clean up policy
      • Remote environment execution
  • Common components
    • Schedule recurring executions
      • Available for both functional and unit tests
      • Similar syntax to unix Cron
      • Automatic execution
    • Admin configuration interface
      • Users and roles for functional tests
      • Selenium configuration