Feedback is integral to any successful project, but few clients have a good solution for collecting this data and making it actionable.Viewport by NavLabs provides a feedback hub for Appian apps, streamlining the reporting process for end users. Whether encountering a bug or suggesting a new feature or anything in between, users can quickly and clearly log issues for review. Approved issues will be posted directly to Jira, keeping end users in the loop with regular status updates. Further democratizing the process, end users can up- or down-vote issues in the backlog to express their priorities. On the product owners’ end, a series of valuable KPIs are front and center, including performance over time, issues by status or by application, and more. The user-prioritized backlog eliminates the guesswork from delivering maximum value to end users. Viewport captures users’ interactions with applications to attach to tickets, allowing developers to get to the root cause of a bug faster than ever.

Key Features & Functionality

Viewport by NavLabs empowers end users to easily log issues, provide feedback, and drive innovation, integrating with Jira to enable your team to deliver maximum value without wasting time triaging tickets. Using NLP and machine learning, Viewport’s issue comparison system saves hours of work consolidating tickets that describe the same issue. Users may up-vote (and optionally comment on) issues similar to theirs, rather than submitting duplicates. Comments are posted automatically to the associated Jira tickets, including any uploaded documents or screenshots.

Logged issues are reviewed, and those approved will be posted to Jira including an issue type tag and any uploaded documentation. Jira tickets can be accessed directly from the Viewport backlog of existing issues. Users can up- or down-vote issues according to their level of interest, and the prioritized backlog can then be referenced at any time to gauge end users’ needs.

Admins can optionally enable selection tracing, which captures users’ interactions with the origin application and attaches this history to the ticket so developers can get down to the root cause faster. This feature can be implemented and customized using specially designed components throughout any number of client applications. A configuration console links new applications in moments, along with an easily-deployable button component so users can begin providing feedback.

The KPIs, voting, and sentiment analysis give Product Managers a cohesive view across their portfolio of applications. From this dashboard, they can quickly see which applications are performing well and which are not, both from a technical and an end-user satisfaction perspective. They can see the enhancements users want most, and easily support a business case to get them built. Ultimately, Viewport builds a bridge of communication and collaboration to simplify life for everyone in the DevOps cycle, from end users to developers to product and program managers.