Workflow Builder


Persistent Systems’ Workflow Builder empowers business analysts and users to create and test a fully functional Appian application prototype. It provides these users an easy and efficient way to describe requirements, mock-up forms and define workflow steps for an Appian implementation. The prototype created enables business users to better translate their requirements to Appian designers and provides a valuable starting point for designing the actual application.

Workflow Builder provides rich builder interfaces that can be used to build the task form and these tasks can then be sequenced to define a complete workflow. Additional features like task escalations, task deadlines and default task groups can be added. Once the build is complete the workflow and forms can be tested by the business representatives.

Key Features & Functionlity

  • Ability to create an application prototype with multiple forms that can be sequenced into a workflow and assigned to different users
  • Allows for the editing of an application prototype by adding new forms, deleting forms, create multiple versions of a form and also changing the sequence of the forms
  • Dynamically generated forms can be created where fields can be displayed based on the value of other fields
  • Form preview is available at anytime while creating or editing an application prototype
  • Multiple prototypes of the application can be created to define and test the workflow needed