Appian 22.4 Product Announcement Webinar

Appian runs the world’s most critical and complex processes. Process automation is the foundation of what we do, providing the means for organizations to streamline and continually improve how they operate. Our data fabric seamlessly merges data with zero migrations and can be used across workflows and applications. Complete automation capabilities including RPA, IDP, AI, and Smart Services help increase process velocity while built-in process mining enables you to continually optimize and improve processes.

Appian 22.4 delivers on these features and more with:

  • Appian Data Fabric enhancements providing more powerful record relationships and faster applications development.
  • Total Experience capabilities that ensure every user inside and out of your organization has what they need at their fingertips.
  • Process automation improvements to help rid you of error prone and repetitive tasks.
  • Process mining capabilities drive continuous improvement of your Appian workflows and applications.

Want to discuss how these new Appian platform features can help your organization change at speed? Talk to Appian.